Eco Hive takes a collective approach to nature and the environment

Founder Annette J Beveridge

I believe that each nature lover has the power to make positive change but together, we are truly a force for good. I know how many people across the British Isles and globally, yearn for a kinder, more compassionate planet. I want to unite you all.

Annette J Beveridge

I set up Eco Hive because I was disheartened and heartbroken each time I heard that yet again, we were losing more land to development or that as a country, we were still investing in fossil fuels or, culling animals unnecessarily. Each time, I learned that yet another bird of prey had been killed or, that thousands more badgers were being culled, it has been like a physical pain ripping through me. As a nature lover, I know that you will understand this.

There are too many cruel actions taking place and too many uncaring, or callous decisions made at governmental level that put finances over the wellbeing of our natural world. There are always answers and solutions out there but how much can we do on our own? That’s why I am dedicated to creating, promoting and inspiring through Eco Hive. As a project, this will form part of a vital green recovery.

I am a writer and a publisher and words have power when backed by positive intent

If nature lovers make the pledge to care for and to protect our fragile planet through simple methods and to support our commitment to change, I honestly believe that we can make a difference. There has never been a more important time to touch base with nature, to live a simpler life and to enjoy the wonders of our natural world. Now is the time to stand up and protect nature.

My pledge to you is to create a wonderful community of nature lovers and to provide you with access to vital information for sustainable living, to actively campaign against the destructive processes of those who do not care and to give you options to participate in a way that works for you.

Our ambitions are bold

Eco Hive is not militant, it is about passion. We believe that each person can live a greener more compassionate life. That might be through eating less meat or, taking the plunge and becoming a vegetarian or vegan. It could be about reducing plastic, recycling and upcycling. It may be that you want to learn more about living naturally alongside nature or, how to look after the birds that visit your garden. Small steps can make a big difference collectively.

My vision is for a kinder, compassionate collaboration with each person participating in the way that feels right to them

We are progressive. Our aim is to collectively purchase land so that we all have the power to care for nature. This land will be for all who contribute and will be paid through Eco Hive membership. That’s our commitment to you. We need to think about our future, your future and for those future generations that are going to be left with nothing. Education, joined-up thinking and collaboration must be the way forward.

How many times have you wished that you owned land so you could turn it into a vibrant meadow or, plant trees to replace the ones we are losing?

I thought long and hard about what I could do and how I could bring my passion and drive to a project that will make a difference. This was the best way for me to do so. I am a writer and publisher. I have experience campaigning. I have also worked in conservation and animal rescue. I care deeply about the health of this planet. I care about our precious wildlife, our trees, our biodiversity.

The ethos of Eco Hive is to reinvest in land so to keep it safe from the developers. We want it to be run by nature lovers for nature lovers. Think of Eco Hive as the green recovery plan you have always been looking for and yes, I want you to participate in any way you can. As a collective, we can give back to nature. Our actions will give us hope and keep us motivated. It doesn’t matter how tough the journey, we can make a difference together. Be a part of THE HIVE COLLECTIVE.

We won’t overwhelm you with science, just help you to be healthier, happier, and greener.


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