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With climate change, land development and the loss of trees, we are heading into an environmental disaster, that’s why EcoRIGHTS has been created….

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Annette J Beveridge

When you look around your local area can you see the so-called signs of progress as new housing developments take over glorious open spaces? Do you find yourself wishing you could turn the clock back to a time when life was simpler and nature thrived?

Ever since the pandemic struck, it is true to say that many people have developed a renewed understanding of the benefits of nature. With life standing still, many of us embraced local walks, listened to bird song, took pleasure in sitting in woodlands or, by rivers and have enjoyed the changing seasons. Nature offered solace and a way to offset anxiety. But although we may recognise the importance of nature, our government seemingly, still does not. The mantra Build, Build, Build says it all. As a nature-depleted country, we cannot afford to lose more land unnecessarily. Right now, there is a lot of promises to protect the environment but very little action. Environmental issues are rife…’s why.

Nowadays, progress seems to go hand in hand with destruction. It is not just about one or two houses being built but hundreds in an ever-changing landscape. Glorious green fields and meadowlands once covered with wild flowers are now concreted over and trees that may have lined the roads have been felled.

The climate emergency

We are at the edge of a climate emergency. There is no greater risk facing us. Climate change brings the potential for fire, floods and rising summer temperatures. These changes may happen before wildlife and indeed, we can adapt. We know that we lose vital habitat for our wildlife at our peril. Each aspect of life is of the utmost importance. Every tree lost fragments vital ecosystems and it becomes harder for animals to move around. Smaller pockets for nature is all that remains. But when we lose trees, we know that air pollution intensifies, and the risk of floods increase. Soil erosion is common too. If we do not halt sprawling land developments and change peoples understanding of nature, we risk bringing society as we know it crashing down around us.


When will our government act? It is difficult to know. There seems to be little evidence of positive change. This is where EcoRIGHTS comes in. As part of Write the Wrongs Now and EcoHive, we have created a predominantly-online campaign group so to challenge any injustices – whether locally or nationally. Our voices collectively may make a difference. Inaction will not help.

Environmental action

Online campaigns work. Writing to companies that threaten wildlife, and canvassing and supporting locals to stand up to fight against environmental injustices really does work. If there is a risk to nature, we will raise awareness. Our mission is to protect the environment campaigning for a greater understanding as to why land must be seen as precious rather than as a precious commodity.

Talking to council members, fighting developers and liaising with nature charities will become second nature to us. We will shout loudly via social media and complete and distribute petitions online. Let’s spread the love and necessity of nature protection.

There are many campaign groups and we are not trying to compete. In fact, it makes sense to work alongside others with a similar vision. But rather than waiting and hoping for a positive outcome, we will be proactive and try to force change through our words. By taking steps for change, by caring about the environment and our natural world, we can at least make waves and be the nagging voice of conscience.

I know I cannot sit back and wait. I want to drive change and challenge injustices. If you do too, click here and add your name but if you have any questions, please email us:

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