15 Top Tips to Save Planet Earth

Want to do your bit to save planet earth? You can start here with these 15 top tips.

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Save planet earth

by Annette J Beveridge

We all know that planet earth is under enormous pressure due to the impact of human actions. There is no doubt that we have taken our environment for granted and ravaged all available resources, but we can no longer afford to do this. Gradually, there is awareness that we have a serious and life-changing problem ahead of us and we must all do our bit. But if you are now starting to worry about the impact you are having on this planet, here are some easy-to-incorporate changes so that you can do your bit to save planet earth.

  1. At the moment, we know that air travel is not really advisable due to the risk of Covid-19. In time, it is likely to recover to some degree and more flights will be available. We all like to fly to pastures new but to reduce your carbon footprint, try to fly less but stay for longer. By making a change like this, you can really make a difference.
  2. If you love your garden, make sure you do not buy peat compost as this is highly damaging. Without our peat bogs, we are unable to store as much carbon.
  3. Get used to only buying food that is needed. We waste so much money on food when we simply dispose of it but as it rots in landfill, it produces methane which is even more of an issue than carbon dioxide. If we waste food, we are also wasting the energy given to nurturing it, harvesting it and of course, all the packaging that occurs. It is scary to realise that over 50% of our waste is sent to landfill, or is burned in incinerators.
  4. Reduce the amount of meat and dairy that you consume. If you want to try a vegetarian or vegan diet, start with three days a week at first and see how you go. This makes it easier to plan and you are less likely to throw in the towel. By reducing meat and dairy, you are improving your health (as long as you eat sensibly) and helping the planet.
  5. If you have a garden, buy a composter and this will help to reduce any food waste that ends up polluting landfill sites.
  6. Avoid using sandwich bags. Invest in Tupperware tubs or equivalent so that they can be re-used time and time again. This saves a mass of plastic ending up in landfill.
  7. If you feel a bit chilly in the house, instead of reaching for the thermostat and clicking on the heating, put on another layer of clothes. Try not to put the heating on over 18 degrees.
  8. Have a shower instead of a bath when possible.
  9. Opt for eco products in the bathroom instead such as bamboo toilet paper, bamboo toothbrushes and have vegan soap or shampoo instead of using products in plastic bottles. Note products should come from sustainable bamboo.
  10. Buy washing up liquids or powders that have low-phosphates. This is important because algal growth is stimulated when phosphates enter the water supply. It is also harmful for fish and plants.
  11. Use a water filter rather than buying bottled water. Reducing the amount of plastic used is vital.
  12. Invest in a shopping bag (consider one that has been made from plastic waste) that can be kept in the car or, those shopper bags that can be folded and kept in a handbag or pocket. Stop buying plastic carrier bags. They take so many years to biodegrade and really, they will be around for centuries in landfill.
  13. Avoid using a tumble dryer where possible as these burn up energy.
  14. Try to avoid purchasing products with palm oil. This is not always easy but palm oil is devastating large areas of forest impacting climate and devastating the animals that need these areas. We will be writing an article on palm oil in our Hive Collective membership.
  15. Here’s a really important tip, sign up for a conservation group. There are many to choose from….The Woodland Trust, RSPB, Friends of the Earth. Psst. Sign up for our newsletters too and take real action towards saving this planet.

These are just some quick and easy ways to start contributing to saving planet earth. Adopt one or two to start with and gradually increase your drive to become more ecologically-friendly. Want to find out additional ways of saving the planet? Sign up for our free Eco Hive Lite newsletter or, take the plunge and opt for The Hive Collective membership where you really can make a difference.

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