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Britain is greatly nature-depleted. Our green and pleasant land is losing vital habitat and this impacts many of our native species. Nature organisations have long called for the UK Government to take action, and to protect the wildlife we have. Although, Boris Johnson has pledged to protect nature, under his watch, the controversial HS2 is decimating vulnerable habitat with many animals under threat.

With reduced planning regulations, we face another threat. Many more housing developments are going through irrespective of the risk to ancient woodlands, or sites of special scientific interest. So, we need action and not words.

We may be nature depleted but we must strive to improve our ability to enhance biodiversity and to protect our vulnerable ecosystems.

COP26 is hosted by the Government this year. They plan to lead the world in the fight against the climate emergency. Yet, Britain is still planning to open a new coal mine, of course, this is shocking, especially when we are trying to protect against fossil fuels. Senseless decisions like this will only make the climate emergency worse and impact nature.

Environmental injustices

Within our scope, we must look at new housing developments. These are springing up all over the country on greenfield sites. Brownfield sites must be considered first. Then, we have those who participate in hunting including trail hunting, shooting, and those who use snares. The Government need to take action NOW. We must make wildlife crime a thing of the past. There are just too many environmental injustices to ignore.

We all have a duty of care to the wildlife whether it is to protect areas local to us or to collectively campaign to either halt or mitigate the damage to our precious green spaces.

Eco RIGHTS has been set up to bring like-minded people together. It is a free part of EcoHive because we care deeply about the environment, and we care enough to organise a collective approach to change.


Tree felling is of particular concern. We know that the loss of trees equate to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that the loss of even one tree has a devastating impact on the wildlife that depends on it. Trees are the lungs of the world and by killing trees, we kill ourselves. Air pollution increases as does soil erosion. We have a greater risk of flooding too. So, our focus will also be on developers and land owners protecting trees and on careful replanting/rewilding.

Stop hunting

We detest hunting and this includes shooting grouse or any bird or animal for sport. We hate the use of snares, fox hunting, badger baiting and trail hunting. All of these areas will fall within our remit. We will work to bring awareness alongside other organisations.

So how does it work?

We know that people have power individually – your voice is important when it comes to making environmental changes. You can encourage those around you to embrace the joy of nature. But together, we can reach more people and we can spread the word of nature protection far and wide. We can do this through positive campaigning for the good. This will mean talking positively about the love and joy of nature through Facebook or Twitter. It will be about emailing MP’s, writing letters, signing petitions and so on. We need to find the areas of this country which are at risk – talk to locals and to campaign actively before we start to lose our valuable green spaces. Urban tree loss is just as important as is developing nature within these areas to help people and nature thrive.

With an increased focus and a positive will and a steely determination, I believe that we can make a difference. We are serious about this and cannot wait for elected politicians to make the right decisions. Campaigning may not be all about winning. There may be some compromises but Eco RIGHTS will do all it can to help a positive outcome.

When it comes to local developments, land owners do have the right to sell their land. It is true, that we do need houses. But we cannot build without due consideration for the impact to nature. By understanding where developments are going to occur, we can campaign early. This will help to limit the impact to nature, and to retain a vibrant and healthy eco-system. Each campaign is considered individually.

The concept of Eco RIGHTS is that we do our utmost to bring public awareness and to look at alternatives. It is not always black and white, but we believe in GREEN solutions. We focus on what is best for wildlife and local people.

Within Eco RIGHTS, we plan to build a passionate community of nature lovers. It is FREE and we welcome your participation. We ask that you share tweets and campaign information through social media etc. Everything we do is to promote the value of wildlife. It is time to call upon the UK Government to do the right thing. Wildlife is not a commodity. It is not there for us to use and abuse, we must protect the natural world.

While we will strive to protect nature, we will target all environmental injustices. In time, we may attend protests too. But there is no obligation to participate in this.

Get involved

If you wish to join us, you will get regular updates with all of the projects that we are supporting. If you have any projects or injustice that you would like us to fight, let us know. We will add the details to our list where possible. Just add your contact details below and we will be in touch. Please note, we will NEVER pass your details onto anyone else.

Eco RIGHTS has been set up by author, publisher and dedicated conservationist Annette J Beveridge. Want to find out more about EcoHive membership? Click here. Please note that you would need to sign up for EcoRIGHTS and The Hive Collective membership separately.

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