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Welcome to EcoHive Nature

EcoHive was set up by wildlife conservationist/journalist Annette J Beveridge to help save wildlife and to protect the environment. The ethos of this site is to help people to embrace the wonders of nature and to become nature protectors influencing others as to the beauty all around them.

For those who wish to learn more about wildlife, we support this desire and for those who wish to drive change, we support this too.

Protect, Appreciate and Care

Nature is intricate. At EcoHive, we strip back science and bring the latest information about the natural world directly to you. People are gradually recognising the damage we have done to our planet and thinking how to alter the damage they may be doing. We believe that at this point, small adaptations can make a considerable difference.

Preventing the use of pesticides will help to protect pollinators or if placing food and water out for birds and animals, it is possible to protect them during the toughest of times.

Our society has led to the plundering of earth’s fragile resources and now, we are paying the price for doing so. Instead of destroying our environment, we can work together to preserve it.

Guardians of Nature

We can become guardians of nature as well as observers. Awareness through knowledge, and a developing passion for wildlife will help to protect the land around us.

Climate Change

Sadly, climate change is one of the biggest threats to us all. We must prevent the temperature going beyond 1.5 degrees and this takes a collective approach. Climate change is accelerating the extreme impact of our weather conditions. Without action, we will experience more floods, droughts, and extremes of weather which will impact every aspect of life including the food we eat. We can no longer stand back and wait for political action; the solutions are already there but political will is not.

Learn More About Our Beautiful Natural World

At EcoHive, our aim is to bring the wonders of the natural world to you and to educate, encourage and inform. We want to incite an enthusiasm and passion for all life unravelling some of the many mysteries of nature.

We have a free newsletter EcoHive Nature and a paid membership The Hive Collective – whatever your level of knowledge, you will find something of interest on our website.

Come and join us. Together, we are strong:

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