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Welcome to Eco Hive

Eco Hive was set up to help save our fragile planet and to protect nature in a way that makes A REAL DIFFERENCE. If you are fed up with politicians constantly making the wrong choices for nature and prioritising financial gain over ecological necessities, you are in the right place.

Eco Hive is about taking action and making life greener

We want to inspire and motivate nature lovers everywhere. If you can make subtle changes to your life so you can live in a more sustainable way and if you want to truly participate with driving change, we want to support this drive. We strip away the science while bringing real information to you so that you can take the necessary action to protect your own little piece of the planet. We also want to work collectively with scientists and conservationists so that we can spread the true message of conservation to you.

We are all in this together after all, we share a common goal. By building a collective of nature enthusiasts, we can work together, conjuring up ideas for preserving the wonderful nature that we MUST live alongside and be a part of. Your views count. We have plundered the natural world and ravaged earth’s fragile resources. Now, we are paying the price for doing so.

Climate change is no longer a distant threat, it is here right now.

We must all take action to halt the devastating progress of climate change and the destruction of our woodlands. We are guardians and must safeguard our planet, preserving it for our children. If we cannot halt a climate disaster, we will all suffer. There will be more floods, more droughts, and greater extremes of weather. Life will change…..it is now. We can no longer stand back and wait hoping against hope for solutions.

Protecting wildlife and the environment

Animals are still being hunted and killed. Governments and some landowners are short-sighted in their approach. Rather than celebrating the success of beavers or relocating them, Scotland enabled a cull. Driven grouse moors have led to increased persecution against precious birds of prey and we are losing ancient woodlands and other sites of scientific interest due to HS2 ploughing a terrifying destructive trail through the English landscape. We are in a battle – make no mistake. This is truly a good against evil fight and we MUST win.

Here at Eco Hive, we say enough is enough!

We want to educate, encourage and inform. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how much knowledge, if you have a passion for nature, we want you to join us. Our ethos is simple, as a collective approach there is a safe space for nature lovers. It is a place of learning and inspiration.

We want to heal this planet and create a natural environment that is soothing, healing and inspirational for all. If you are interested in wildlife gardening, we have something for you. If you are interested in learning more about animals, we have something for you. If you want to learn more about certain species, we can do that too.

We will help those who are campaigning actively and those who would like to do something but are not sure what. We have a long list of wrongs to put right. This is our starting point. We even want to purchase land so we can protect it from greedy developers. We want to manage it for nature and for those who care. We are the HIVE. Together, we are strong. JOIN US.

It is time to protect our fragile natural world