Founder Annette J Beveridge

Words have power when backed by positive intent

There has never been a more important time to care for and to protect our fragile planet, to live a simpler way of life and to enjoy the wonders of the natural world. EcoHive was set up to unite nature lovers all over the world and we believe that we can all make subtle changes so to live a more compassionate and greener way of life. Even the smallest of steps can make a huge difference collectively.

Our ambitions are bold

We need to think about our future, and the futures of generations still to come who may be left with a very damaged world. If we don’t make a stand now and consider our own actions and lifestyles, nature will continue to diminish. That’s why we believe in collaboration, dedication, and enthusiasm to help others learn about the joy of the natural world and to share our enthusiasm for wildlife and for the environment.

Through our free newsletter and/or membership, you can learn so much about the world of wildlife and put your knowledge to good use.

We love nature and if you do too, come and join us.


Annette J Beveridge is the Editor of Creative1 Publishing.

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