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Endangered – The Threat to Amur Leopards

A colossal 80% of the Amur leopard’s habitat has been lost due to forest fires, logging and agricultural land conversion projects

Writer and conservationist Annette J Beveridge
Annette J Beveridge

A subspecies of leopard that has adapted to the colder climates of the mountains and forests, the Amur leopard, (Panthera pardus orientalis) is slightly smaller than other leopards with a thick coat, wide-spacing rosettes and a long tail. The rosettes are spaced further apart with a dark ring around them which helps with identification against other leopards. They can be heard making rasping sounds even if the animal is hidden from sight. Their fur changes seasonally. In the winter, it is lighter with a yellow sheen and in the summer months, a yellow/red tinge develops to the fur.