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Nature is struggling and we all need to play our part in helping to protect the wildlife on our doorstep. Our aim is to bring nature lovers together. All of nature is intricately connected and even the loss of one species can have a detrimental impact on biodiversity.

Protect Planet Earth

Nature Needs Us And We Can Make A Difference!

When you join the Hive Collective, you help us to help nature. The more we grow, the more we can do to make a difference. We are based in the UK but you can join us from anywhere in the world. We bring the realms of nature to life through our wonderful publications. You will learn so much about the natural world and will marvel at the species in countries you may never visit.

The More You Learn…The More You Care.

We cannot afford to be complacent with the natural world. We believe the more you learn, the more you will care. Each day that passes, nature is at risk. Our oceans are heating up, and insects are disappearing, we know that some wildlife is on the brink and we are still losing more vital habitat. The world around us is going to change and it will impact every part of our lives too. It has never been so important to halt the destruction of nature and to re-invest in our planet.

The Hive Collective Means Together We Are Strong

As a member, you get our free ECOHIVE NATURE monthly newsletter and our monthly WILD INSIGHT newsletter but members will also receive some of our training courses during their membership.

We will be extending our environmental courses in time and some courses will be free. For those that are not, members will receive a fantastic discount. This is wildlife, conservation and practical application in one. We can and will make a difference together.

Eco Hive and the Hive Collective is run as a green initiative by founder Annette J Beveridge who has an established online presence as an author and editor ( Annette is a dedicated conservationist with many years of experience caring for and protecting wildlife.

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Your input, your dedication and your determination can help us to really make a difference.

Sign up and cancel at any time. Please note that your membership will finish at the end of the period you have paid for. Note that unless we hear from you or you cancel your membership, the fees are taken on a recurring basis. You can cancel directly through PayPal or, simply email us: We offer a transparent service.

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